About Jane Jella Bright

About Jane Jella Bright

Sister. Jane Jella Bright began his ministry right from when he was attending Sunday School, and from the beginning he was singing unto the Lord and preaching the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ with power, signs, miracles and wonders. Planting Churches and teaching the Church was close to his heart. As the Lord has clearly identified the path of his ministry, he understood his calling to reach out the lost doing the work of a evangelist and planting and teaching the Church, forming Christ in the people doing the work of an Apostle.

Anointed with the Baptism of Holy Spirit at the age of seven and preaching the gospel in the streets of Madras since 1972, casting the demons, healing the sick and bringing the people to the Lord.

He has many university degrees like,M.com., B.Ed.,M.Div.,D.D., and a professional used to work in the highest position as a Brach Financial Controller –Kone Elevators for 12 years, following a call from god, he resigned his job fr the sake of the gospel, and entered into fulltime ministry in 1999.

He has been conducting gospel & healing campaigns in Cities and villages throughout Tamil Nadu , Andhra Pradesh and Bombay, India. He has also been preaching the gospel in USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and many other Countries. He Pastors a Church in Egmore, Chennai as well and pastoring many other village churches.

As he was doing village ministry during the year 1999, a old man in the village asked saying, “there are many people who are coming and preaching Jesus is a good God in our village and they go away, do you also go like that or will you come back again and build us a church to worship God Jesus.” This touched Pastor Arthur Devadoss very much and he prayed and saw a vision of planting hundred churches in the villages where there are no churches at all. While we travel three hours away from Madras there are many hundreds of villages without having a single church. So by evangelising the villages the Lord helped us to build 30 churches out of the target of 100 churches so far till July 2015.

The Lord opened a way to preach the gospel in Secular Satellite channel, to preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to 72cmillion Tamil speaking people in the world. Multitudes of people got saved and healed through gospel healing Campaigns, television ministries, teaching in the Bible College developing many hundreds of ministers to work and to do the work of an evangelist.

Through all the contacts got through the television ministry, gospel news letters are sent to all the 5500 contacts every month a book of 16 pages in tamil.

We need prayers and supporters from the globe in this great task of extending the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Chist.

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