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Dear Sir in Christ

Greetings and good morning in the Name of Jesus Christ!

Sir, I watch your program every Friday on Tamilan TV. And it is very much useful to me. Your message and your prayers help me very much to walk in y spiritual life. So, last week Friday, I was watching your program , I had a terrific pain in my chest on Thursday night and I also had ulcer and I was suffering with pain, the pain never stopped, I was listening to the message while it was still paining. After you preached , you prayed, you also prayed for people who have pain to be healed. While you prayed, I put my hand in the ulcerin my stomach and I asked the Lord to remove my pain so that I will also testify the Nme of Jesus, I prayed. The Lord removed my pain and healed me miraculously. The pain is gone and till today I have never gone to any hospital. I thank Jesus who healed me and also thank you that you prayed for me. May the Lord bless your ministry.

J Albert John Frank

Dear brother in Christ

Greetings in the Name of Jesus.

We have bought a land and wrote all documents. But we did not get the documents. When you prayed on television I also prayed unto the Lord. The Lord gave us the document immediately.

Millions of thanks to god who did the miracle. Please pray that my debt problem in my house to be changed. God to open doors for doing ministry to my daughter. PRAY

Mrs. Janci Rani

Brother/pastor Arthur Devadoss

Brother, I would like to know the histry of Jesus God. God’s message and the way to worship. I believe that I can know the life history of Jesus Christ through you.

V. Karthick

Dear brother/Rev. Arthur Devadoss

Greetings in the Name f our Lord and saviour Jesus.

An aged man of 82 years, a poor hindu, today morningin TV, I heard your divine holy speech and prayers and my hearty blessings to you. Inspite of my hindu ideas, your prayers and blessings gave me peace of mind and strength and comfort in the early hours of morning. Do for others what you want them to do for you. I pray that you must LIVE LONG AND CARRY ON THEHOLY MISSION OF LORD JESUS TO THE POOR AND DOWN TRODDEN.

Your brother in…….G.SUNDARAM

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